What does a "Day of" Coordinator do?

That is a very good question. There are different wedding planner titles floating around and you may not be sure which one will work best for your needs. I am here to tell you what a Day-Of Coordinator does at Events in a Box. "Day of" Coordinator service is your "planner" or "director" for your big day. You would have done all the planning and logistics on your own. At 4-8 weeks before the wedding or event date, I will take all that information and make sure all ends are connected, that nothing has been overlooked or left out and I'll become the liaison to your vendors. So leading up to your big day, you will be able to just focus on yourself and your personal needs. The day of, I will be t

Have you cake... Part 4 Final

To finish our blog about “having your cake” one more tip for easing the stress of your wedding planning is to have a designated wedding planning meeting once a week or month (depending on how far along you are in y our planning) for about 30 minutes to an hour. At that time, you only go over what needs to be done and the check the progress. And then, do not discuss any more planning outside of that time. You do not have to be in wedding mode 24/7. That is a sure-fire way to get burned out! As you will see, step by step you will be checking off the things on your to do list in no time and hopefully will be able to enjoy the process instead of being so stressful. If you would like more assista

Have your Cake... Part 3

After breaking down the wedding planning process between you and your partner you may face disagreements if one feels that the other isn’t completing their tasks. No worries, that tends to happen. To help avoid one partner from the other, try sharing a calendar like google or even apps like “NaskMe” or “Trello”. These calendars and apps have alerts that you may use to set for reminders. Another great app that I personally love is WedHappy. It is free as well. It has a pretty good detailed list of what tasks you need to plan your wedding already programed. If you would like more assistance, check out my Wedding Coaching Program where I can help you create a planning guide, help with ideas and

Have your cake... Part 2

I spoke earlier about not planning your wedding on your own, here is one way to go about this. Try breaking down the wedding planning process. Really focus on goals for the next month and prioritize those goals by giving them due dates. Next look at those goals and see which one you may be more interested in than your partner and take the reins or be the one to follow through on that particular goal. The other partner (or members of your family or friends who have agreed to help) may assist but one person needs to be designated to lead it. If you would like more assistance, check out my Wedding Coaching Program where I can help you create a planning guide, help with ideas and give you tips o

Have your cake and eat it... not shove it down your throat!

It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning, but it is not easy to keep in mind and focus on the end result, that you are marrying the one person in the world that makes you happy! Over the next few blogs, let's take a step back from planning and look at the process. What does this mean exactly? It means that if you feel as though your planning is starting to seem more like a chore than a blissful experience then you need to examine why. I love the title of this blog because it reminds me so much of couples planning their wedding!! We love cake and we want to have it and let others enjoy it, but others won’t enjoy it if you are stuffing it down their throats!! A lot of t

Stemless Champagne Flutes

Looking for a signature wedding party gift that they will use over and over again? These stemless champagne flutes are a great idea. They have "Maid of Honor" and "Bridesmaids" etched on them. Classic and yet functional. Cheers! Go to: http://www.eventsinaboxnc.carlsoncraft.com/ to orders yours today! #glasses #champagne #maidofhonor #bridesmaids #gifts

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