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Plan your wedding like a Royal

Megan and Harry's beautiful wedding

Wow wow wow wow wow!! That's all I have to say about the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding. Wait, hold on.... one more WOW!!

Okay, I'm done! ;)

I would like to take some time and look out how some elements of their Royal Wedding can be done for us common folks. Lol! Everyone deserves a Royal Wedding of our choosing so let’s explore how you can have that same experience here in the Tarheel State and go over some planning basics to help you achieve your wedding goal.

In this blog we are going to look at venue and decor.

The Venue

St George's Chapel

Meghan and Harry got married at St George's Chapel for their beautiful religious ceremony. The venue is of high-medieval Gothic style and is draping with intense yet solemn drama. It makes you want to close the outside world and just absorb the beauty and passion the vaulted chapel embraces you with. Dating back over 500 years and hosting sixteen royal weddings there as of the date of this blog) for over the past 150 years. This elaborately decorated chapel has an intimate feel even with 600 guests. What may be most important is the special meaning it has to the Duke and Duchess since The Duke himself had his royal christening there and it is the resting place of many of his dearly departed royal ancestors. This link goes into more detail about the history of the chapel if you are interested.

If you are looking for a similar look and feel, here are some places to go in North Carolina:

Duke Chapel in Durham

Duke Chapel in Durham

Although not of high-medieval Gothic style, this chapel is of the Collegiate Gothic style. What’s the difference? Time period. Duke Chapel is just a baby chapel at a little over 80 years old. What it lacks in age, it makes up in grandeur. This chapel can accommodate up to 1800 of your closest friends and family. The only catch is you must have ties to the university to be married in the chapel.

All Saints Chapel in Raleigh

All Saints Chapel in Raleigh

For those who would like a smaller chapel because 1200 of your closets friends and family will be busy that day, All Saints is a quaint and a romantic fit. It holds up to 200 guests and has been hosting weddings for over 140 years. I personally have done weddings at this venue and it’s so beautiful with the exposed wooden beams and hardwood floors. It does make you feel as though you have travelled to another place in a more simpler time.

Sacred Heart Cathedral in Raleigh

Sacred Heart Cathedral in Raleigh

This is another stunning chapel to give you the feeling of being a Royal even if on a smaller scale. A daytime wedding here is beautiful with the stain glass windows.

The Décor

One thing that I am a huge fan of when I create my décor and design plan is to enhance the space, not hide it. You picked your venue for a reason and you should let your guests experience what you found wonderful about your venue (unless its like a high school gym or something). I loved how the plethora of greenery with the white flowers made it appear as if Meghan and her guests were entering a magical forest and then once inside they were embraced by the serenity and peace and quietness of the intimate chapel. It reminded me of My Secret Garden. It was very sweet and extremely romantic.

Florist to use in North Carolina:

Kelly Odom, Raleigh

Tre Bella Flowers, Durham

Merrimon Florist Inc, Asheville

Charm's Floral, Asheville

I do want to mention that I have not worked with any of the mentioned florists so make sure you check their portfolios and references.

Planning tips:

When you are picking a place of worship for your ceremony and/or reception, be sure to ask about what music will be appropriate, do you need to provide a day of coordinator or will they have one, if real flowers are allowed and when can you come and set up.

If you have any other suggestions to achieve the same feel of a cathedral wedding with a whimsical garden entrance here in North Carolina, please share!!


*I am not endorsing the venues or vendors mentioned in this blog

Events in a Box is a wedding planning company located in NC. We specialize in NC weddings and events. For more information visit: website and If you are a local vendor and are interested in joining our NC Vendor Directory email us at:

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