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HELP!! My Guests Won’t Leave Cocktail Hour!!

Greetings and Salutations My Friend!

You have said your “I dos”, everyone is elated and ready to PARTAY!!! Off to the Cocktail Hour they go. It’s only an hour, right? They know that, don’t they??


Why is there a Cocktail Hour and why do most Wedding endors worth their salt insistent on you having one? After the Ceremony you need to take your first pictures together as a blended family. Beautiful, isn’t it? People who were once strangers are now one big happy family! 

You have paid very good money for your Wedding Photographer and your Photographer knows what you are expecting… AMAZING PICTURES with your family and close friends! It takes time to orchestrate immediate family, grandparents and members of your Wedding Party to take all those AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL pictures while trying to get the right lighting! This is why we have a Cocktail Hour to keep your Guests entertained and semi-feed. When it is time for them to enter the Reception space… NO ONE is leaving. UGH! 


In my early days of being La Petite Planner, I worked with all kinds of creative budgets and some not so creative Vendors! I learned quickly:

You do what you can do with what you have and you book who you can book.

I noticed during the transition from Cocktail Hour to Reception, the Guests actually had no idea they were supposed to be transitioning. You know why? Because they simply haven’t been told. 


You have hired a DJ, utilize them. If you are using your playlist and do not have a DJ, then have someone with a great personality to MC your Wedding Events. Wedding DJs are properly trained and have the experience to work the crowd and work the room. They guide your Guests thru events of the night including, but not limited to: notifying your Guests when it is time to move to the Reception for introductions, Your first dance, cake cutting, wedding toasts and most importantly… last dance.


Hiring a DJ is money well spent so do not think your reception is going to be as much fun and engaging if there’s no one creating the fun and engaging atmosphere. A DJ is such an asset to Cocktail Hour as well as reception because they direct the Guests, keep them updated on events, and make important announcements. Having a DJ is one great way to make Your wedding a successful one.


I know you will say to me, “Coco, I have a budget. I can’t afford a DJ.” If you find yourself in that situation, check your budget again. Work your numbers, see if you can move some funds around. A DJ is pretty much a Wedding necessity. 

If you truly cannot find a way to afford a reputable professional DJ, then try to have someone MC your wedding. Pick a family member or friend who is fun and not afraid to speak in public and give valuable instructions to your Guests.


This is a great article from Forever and Company  giving you information on TRIANGLE DISC JOCKEY ASSOCIATION and how to find your perfect Wedding DJ!


Comment if you agree, don’t agree and/or just want to add your opinions and ideas to this blog! 

With Proper Preparation and Practical Planning,  You will have Your Perfect Wedding!

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Truly Yours,

Coco Chantel

The Glamour Planner



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