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Rustic Wedding Venue...Is it really for you?

Weddings are back in full swing and so is the journey of looking for that perfect venue! Looking for a venue is usually one of the first decisions (or should be one of the first decisions) you make after you get engaged because you need to secure that wedding date. You can easily get overwhelmed with the number of options especially here in North Carolina. We have so many beautiful venues to choose from and with most locations in various cities so reachable (between a 2 to 4-hour drive), you can have a mini destination wedding right here in your own state.

I thought it would be fun to look at some wedding venues in North Carolina as if I were the prospective wedding couple. I wanted to see what the venues offered just based on what I found on the internet. When I speak to my couples, this is how they initially get started in their wedding planning, by doing initial research online. They are looking at price, what is included in package offerings, and, of course, pictures. So, for my first group of three, I have chosen to focus on venues located right here in the Triangle that encompass a similar theme of “The Rustic Look”. Full disclosure - I have NOT visited any of the venues I will be discussing nor am I endorsing these venues in any way. I did ALL my research on the internet probably just like most of you are doing right now and narrowed down my search based on my “fictional” wedding needs that are based on the average wedding in North Carolina.

And they are… Wedding Budget: $30,000 Style: Rustic Guest Count: 150 guests (includes in-town and out-of-town) Wedding Party: 10 Venue: Ceremony and Reception at the same location I read reviews, other blog posts and went to each website myself and these are my findings as an experienced wedding and an event planner. I chose to look at rustic barns and venues this go-around because it is still a trend favorite. Honestly, rustic is NOT really my cup of tea… I am more of a “glam girl” a self-proclaimed “Glamazon”, so I decided to look at rustic venues that have a touch of glam and appeal to my senses as well. I wanted to take a different approach to the rustic vibe because I feel all wedding couple’s tastes are not created equal and I want to represent the different tastes. In doing so, I was able to find three that really spoke to me.

I focused on scenery, amenities, and service offerings (the logistics) not the history of the venue or owner bios (the emotional). I looked at the venues objectively and strictly by what they offer. Look for upcoming posts on the next 3 Mondays to see the three I chose. But, in the meantime, what makes a rustic venue… rustic?

A rustic venue, to me, will have a very natural, rural, and relaxed feel and engulfed in nature in some way, maybe a farm, a forest, on a mountain top, etc. The venue will give you a feeling of being secluded and surrounded by Mother Nature herself with wood, flowers, greenery, and foliage. The venue will have both organic and outdoorsy elements with a heavily natural color palette.

Some ways to decorate these spaces:

Use props as focal points. I have seen distressed bedroom dressers for a gift table, wine barrels for placing floral arrangements at the altar, and a ladder used for displaying cupcakes. Floral arrangements and centerpieces have a simple ‘just picked’ looked and naked cakes seal the deal. What makes a rustic venue rustic to you? Leave your response.

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