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Don’t Wait to Book Your Planner

Updated: Feb 22

I get more than there should be of last minute inquiries for wedding, event and corporate planning services. I have to turn then down, not because I'm not available, but because I do not have the ample time to pull together the resources needed to create a successful event.

Now, most couples are probably thinking, "what's the problem? It can't be that hard."

Oh, contraire mon frere! It may not be hard, but it definitely leaves you with more room for error. As a Planner, I have less time to create propoper timelines, to make sure all of the details are covered and to meet and have a special decorum with vendors and clientele. When there is not proper communication, mistakes will occur, emotions rise wash past where they need to be and the event ends up not be as successful as it could have with proper planning.

The sooner you get your planner on aboard, the better your event will be and the less stress it will cause you along the way!

Coco Chantel

The Glamour Planner


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