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Gatsby Weddings: It's all about the Roar!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Roaring 20s is everywhere. People are really wanting to cash in on the 1920s lifestyle. Personally, the 1920s is my favorite decade. From the fashion to the cars to the homes. Don’t forget the inventions and technological improvements (radios, vacuums and silent movies).

In America, it’s all about The Great Gatsby. I love this book. It’s the only book I have read more than once. I’m more of a Vogue Magazine reader than novels.

I dream about the lavish lifestyles and the all-night parties. So, there is no surprise in the wedding industry everything is Gatsby.


Hi! My name is Coco Chantel Smith-Johnson and I love planning parties and weddings and have been doing so with my company Events in a Box, Inc since 2008. I am a planner by trade, a journalist by skill (or at least that's what my degree says), and historian at heart and I have a passion for learning about anything and everything pop culture. With the internet, any information you want is at your fingertips (literally) but the information is scattered across multiple sites. My goal is to create articles that will bring all this information together into one inclusive internet source (to the best of my abilities). Using the passions I have, I have scoured these internet sources to create a semi-comprehensive blog based on the information I have found... so you don't have to! Now back to the article...


In this 4-part Wedding Style Series, we will explore:

  • Inspiration for a Gatsby styled wedding,

  • What weddings were like in the 1920s,

  • How to create a Gatsby styled wedding using local vendors,

  • And how to DIY a Great Gatsby styled wedding.

How to create a Gatsby styled wedding? Here are some ideas.

Characteristics: Glitz, Glam, Alcohol

Dress: Feathers, sparkling diamonds, silhouettes with embellishment, head bands

Veil: Juliet cap veil

Jewelry: Emerald cut, geometric shapes, art deco

Invitations and Stationary: Art deco, black and gold, metallic

Cake: Art deco styled cake, Icebox cake

Desserts: State fair cream puffs

Bar: Champagne tower, Cocktails (history of cocktails); mock-tails

Appetizers: Oysters Rockefeller, champagne gelatin

Food: Cranberry-Orange Roast Ducklings, pancakes

Music: Jazz

Décor: Gilded, metallic, pearls, crystals, feathers

Florals: Greenery, roses, calla lilies, peonies, over-sized and opulent, cascading bouquets, sheath bouquets, brooch bouquet

Venue: 1920s architecture; speak easy, bars

Colors: Gold, black (do a twist and used dark/navy blue; champagne or rose gold for yellow gold)

Favors: Bottle openers

Transportation: Rolls Royce

Send-off: Fireworks, sparklers

Accents: Coasters, napkins, place cards

Pre-wedding festivities: Croquet

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