• Coco Chantel

To hire a wedding planner or not…that’s the question.

Ah, Valentine’s Day is just around to corner and there are those of you who are patiently anticipating a nice BIG proposal. You are the ones buying wedding magazines, collecting posts on Pinterest and planning your dream wedding.

Imagine, the love of your life asks you to make them the most happiest (yes, most happiest, you are getting engaged, not talking a grammar exam) person in the world and you say, “YES. I have already picked out the perfect venue!!”

Getting your venue is one of the top things you need to do after the question popping. Here are the others (in a very particular order).

1. You probably would like to tell your family and friends, but that’s up to you. You could just post it and let everyone know at the same time. Lol

2. PICK A DATE. Before you interview vendors and venues, they need to know what date you are looking at. I do suggest having a back-up date in case the one and only date you truly have to have is already taken. Sorry, Newly Engaged, but it does happen.

3. You probably want to go ahead and contact that dream venue. Venues book fast, especially during wedding season (don’t forget in some months proms may be going on as well) so if you have your heart set on one, go ahead and call and book if you can.

Now, the big question, hire a Wedding Planner? Why? What does a Wedding Planner actually do?

According to an article written on Wedding Wire (LINK), Wedding Planners do the following:


Venue and vendor selection


Wedding Prep

Day-of coordination

Post-wedding tasks

If you are looking at the list above and thinking to yourself, I can do this! Who knows what I want more than me? I have sisters and brothers and cousins and friends that would love to help me.

Well, guess what? You are probably right and this Wedding Planning Series is written just for you. Over the next 6 posts, I am going to help you plan your wedding, in a nutshell, using the list above as our topic guide.

Look out for the first topic in our series “Correspondence”!



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