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Wedding Invitations… Out or In?

Call me old fashioned, I don't mind, because I still believe you should send out wedding invitations. In the age of social media, more and more couples are wanting to save money (which I sompletely understand) and are choosing not to send out invites. They are missing the bigger picture and purpose of wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding. It is also the first item people are introduced to making your wedding day and venue a reality and says, "yes, this is legit. We are actually going thru with this!" Your prospected guests are introduces to your colors, your style and the tone of the wedding. Meaning, if your wedding is formal or casual or just come as you are. Your invitations reflect those ideals.

As a wedding guest, I feel as though you are taking the time to make sure I receive the information I need, I have been "formally" invited and you have taken to time to make sure that this small detail of an invite was important enough for you, as a couple, to make sure I felt special enough to make the needed arrangements to attend your wedding AND to reinvest that same time and money into getting you your wedding gift.

Keep your guests in mind throughout your planning process, from save-the-dates and invitations to the guest favors. Remember, they are making plans to come celebrate you, you should also celebrate them and thank them for doing so!


The Glamour Planner

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