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Wedding Planning Needs Time Management

Updated: Feb 22

Many couples go back and forth weighing the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a Wedding Planner. Well, let's be more realistic....

Many couples go back and forth weighing IF a Wedding Planner is worth the money! That's the real dilema.

Countless couples told me, "Chantel, my cousin's brother's girlfriend and my aunt are going to be able to help me out with the wedding." I have no doubt in my mind those people will want to help you plan and execute your wedding, BUT I DOUBT they have the time and the commitment to be able to see YOUR WEDDING through from start to finish.

I understand the idea of planning weddings are appealing, fun and exciting, BUT it is a job and a full commitment SO let's be more realistic....

When you HIRE a Wedding Planner and you are PAYING them, that person is your employee. They have agreed to provide a service and it is their JOB. This is how this person is paying their bills. Wedding Planners are not just there for the FUN planning stuff like shopping for decor and picking out flowers. Planners are there to schedule vendor meetings, attend those meetings and have follow up meetings, if necessary. IF NECCESSARY, the hired Planner will start the whole vendor vetting process ALL OVER again with a whole new line of vendors to find your perfect match.

Ask yourself, "will my cousin's brother's girlfriend and my aunt have the time to do this? My cousin's brother's girlfriend is attending grad school and has a part-time job and my aunt has a full- time job and 3 kids."

The answer to that particular question is, "yes, they will have the best intentions to help you out... WHEN they can." Ask yourself this realistic question, "When they cannot assist me because LIFE is happening to them like jobs, kids and other commitments...

Who will be able to pick up the ball and take it to the finish line?"

~Coco Chantel

The Glammour Planner


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