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What does a "Day of" Coordinator do?

That is a very good question. There are different wedding planner titles floating around and you may not be sure which one will work best for your needs. I am here to tell you what a Day-Of Coordinator does at Events in a Box.

"Day of" Coordinator service is your "planner" or "director" for your big day. You would have done all the planning and logistics on your own. At

Like my "throw back" picture!! LOL

4-8 weeks before the wedding or event date, I will take all that information and make sure all ends are connected, that nothing has been overlooked or left out and I'll become the liaison to your vendors. So leading up to your big day, you will be able to just focus on yourself and your personal needs. The day of, I will be there to manage the vendors and timelines and orchestrate the wedding or event so things run seamlessly.

This service is great for couples who want to plan their wedding themselves (DIY Couples) and then leading up to the wedding day, give those reigns to a planner. It can get a little tense the closer you get to your wedding day and you definitely do not want stress lines on your face!!

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