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Destination Wedding Guest Considerations

Updated: Feb 22

Greetings and Salutations My Friend!

We are going to be talking about how to choose a date and location for your Destination Wedding.


You just got engaged and the world is spinning around you, the wedding world that is.  You have bought wedding magazines, been on Pinterest for decor ideas, and checked out wedding websites. 

This is your one big party and you want to make it special for everyone involved. As you are scouring all the wedding propaganda your little eyes can muster, you get an idea to combine your wedding experience with a vacation. 

Your destination wedding is born!

Since the pandemic, destination weddings have increased significantly, and why not? People are wanting to travel, explore the walls outside their home and start creating memories.



So, you have decided to wed at a beautiful location somewhere on this planet some day. Where to go from here??

It is your wedding (and most likely at your expense) so you are wanting to choose when and where you are going to wed and no one else’s opinion matters. That makes complete sense and you have every right, but are you wanting people to attend? If the answer is yes, then you probably don’t want to choose Mount Everest in Nepal on Christmas (even as amazingly awesome that would be!!). 


I had a wedding couple who planned a destination wedding, very exciting. They picked their destination, location and venue. Unfortunately, they did not take into consideration their friends with kids and the overall investment their guests will have to endure. The friends with kids were unable to find accommodations for their young children (and they definitely did not want to travel out of the country with them) and a majority of their guest list couldn’t afford the resort.


Consider who you have to have attend your wedding (your VIPs), what they can physically do as far as travel goes, and budget..

Your including list will be:

  • Parents + grandparents

  • Siblings

  • Friends + family you want to include in your wedding party

  • The MUST-HAVE vendor (if applicable)


  • Travel distance and way of travel

  • If passports are required

  • Transportation at the destination

  • If they need to take vacation time

  • Guests with children

  • Length of time


  • Cost of hotel

  • Air fare

  • Miscellaneous expenses

Proper Notification

  • Let your preferred guests know ahead of time


When you have decided to host a destination wedding, make sure you employ a Planner that gives you sound advice and takes into consideration your situation.

I like to discuss with my couples what the expectations are of their VIP and what limitations they have so we can create a great experience for everyone involved.. 


Your wedding is about you FOR your VIPs. If you want them in attendance for your big day, you have to take their needs and life responsibilities into consideration.


Check out this link for the Top Destination Wedding Locations of All Time.


Comment if you agree, don’t agree and/or just want to add your opinions and ideas to this blog!

Truly Yours,

Coco Chantel

The Glamour Planner



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