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Why Do We Do Daylight Saving Time?

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There are two main reasons why some places observe Daylight Saving Time (DST), historical reasons and economic/social benefits. Let's take a look at these closely.

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Historical Reasons

German Flag
Germany implemented DST during WWI

  • World War I The first widespread use of DST occurred during World War I in 1916. Germany implemented it to conserve coal used for lighting by shifting more activity to daylight hours. Other countries soon followed suit.

  • Energy conservation: After the war, DST continued to be used in some places with the belief that it could save energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting in the evenings. However, studies have shown that the energy savings are minimal in modern societies with efficient lighting technologies.

Economic and Social Benefits

  • More daylight hours in the evening: Proponents of DST argue that it allows people to enjoy more daylight hours in the evenings, potentially leading to increased economic activity, leisure time, and outdoor recreation.

  • Safety benefits: Some studies have suggested that DST may be associated with a decrease in traffic accidents and crime during evenings.

However, Daylight Saving Time Also Has Its Drawbacks

  • Health concerns: Studies have shown that the time change can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to negative health effects, especially in the short term.

  • Economic disruption: Businesses that operate across time zones can be affected by the time change, leading to logistical challenges and potential economic losses.

  • Social disruption: The time change can disrupt routines and schedules, and some people find it inconvenient.

Closing Thoughts

Therefore, the decision of whether or not to observe Daylight Saving Time is a complex one with pros and cons to consider. Currently, there is no global consensus on DST, and different countries and regions have varying practices. Some places have even abolished DST altogether.


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